Minsk National Library, Belarus

Minsk National Library, Belarus

Minsk National Library


Nesvizh Castle, Belarus

Nesvizh Castle, Belarus

Nesvizh Castle is a residential castle of the Radziwill family in Nesvizh, Belarus. The Radziwill dynasty, who built and kept the ensemble from the 16th century until 1939, gave birth to some of the most important personalities in European history and culture. Due to their efforts, the town of Nesvizh came to exercise great influence in the sciences, arts, crafts and architecture. In 2005, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. More info here. Thanks to Xenija.

Saint Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk

Saint Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk


According to Wikipedia, this might be the oldest church in Belarus. It was built between 1044-1066. The cathedral has been rebuilt several times throughout the centuries, and was affected by a fire in 1447.  Dramatized knight fights seem to attract quite a crowd!