Monument to Bohdan Khmelnytsky in Kiev

Monument to Bohdan Khmelnytsky in Kiev


This monument is located in Kiev to honor the memory of  Bohdan Khmelnytsky, who was an important part of the Ukrainian culture, some consider him a national hero but is also criticized for signing a treaty that led to the loss of independence to the Russian Empire.


Monument to the founders of Kiev

Monument to the founders of Kiev

According to the “Primary Chronicle” by Nestor the Chronicler, as well as other Russian chronicles, dated XI-XII centuries, the contemporary city of Kiev was founded by three brothers – Kyi, Schek, Khoryv and their sister Lybid. The newly formed three small settlements subsequently merged into a magnificent city, named after the eldest brother Kyi.

The sculptural composition of the monument on the Embankment of the Dnieper consists of the rook, on which float brothers Kyi, Schek, Khoryv, and their beautiful sister Lybid. At the foot of the monument there is a pool, and the monument is made of granite.