Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Michigan Stadium is the football stadium for the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Nicknamed The Big House, it was built in 1927 and it is the largest stadium in the US with a capacity of 110 000. It is also site of the main graduation ceremonies and has also hosted hockey games. Thanks to Annie.

University of Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ypsilanti Water Tower in Michigan

Ypsilanti Water Tower, Michigan

Ypsilanti is a city in the state of Michigan. It has a population of approx 20 000. Originally a trading post established in 1809, a permanent settlement was established in 1823, in 1829 it merged with a nearby community and adopted the current name in honor of Demetrios Ypsilanti, a hero in the Greek War of Independence. The landmark of the city is the Water Tower, it was completed in 1890. It is also called The Brick Dick, it needs no explanation, does it?