Finnish National Opera, Helsinki

Finnish National Opera, Helsinki

The Finnish National Opera is located in Helsinki and is the leading opera company in Finland. It opened in 1993 and is state-owned. The Opera House features state-of-the-art technology and two auditoriums, in total it can seat up to 1 850 people. It stages four to six premieres a year and has approx. 250 000 visitors a year.

Finnish National Opera, Helsinki

Havis Amanda by night, Helsinki

Havis Amanda by night, Helsinki

Havis Amanda is a nude female statue in Helsinki, Finland. You can’t really see the statue, but it is where the sea lions are. It is known as the most beautiful piece of art in Helsinki, though it has had many critizism from several sectors due to its sexual objectification. It was sculpted in Paris in 1906 by Ville Vallgren, and in 1908 it was moved to its current location. On the left of the card, the City Hall can be observed. Thanks to Paulina for the card.

Töölö Goods Station, Helsinki

Töölö Goods Station, Helsinki


This nice card is an art card by Kimmo Pälikkö. It is made of canvas-like paper. Since it did not have anything to identify it, I asked the artist himself and he kindly replied: “It is from the year 1999 , the old warehouse  (the Töölö Goods Station from the year 1899) in front of our  Parliament building.” Thanks to Mikaela for sending it my way. You can visit the artists website right here.