Romanian palaces

In clockwise position: 1. The Huniad Castle. 2. Peles Castle. 3. The Palace of Culture. 4. The Brâncoveanu Palace. Thanks to Anca.

Views from Romania

Views from Romania [rev]

Church of Santo Domingo of Loja, Ecuador

Built in 1557, the Church of Santo Domingo was badly damaged in 1867, destroying its Gothic facade and leaving only its twin spires standing. The rebuilding of the church was done in the colonial style popular at the time, with the twin spires being incorporated into the design. Thanks to Moria.

Church of Santo Domingo of Loja, Ecuador

Church of Santo Domingo of Loja, Ecuador [rev]

Putna Monastery, Romania

The Putna Monastery is a Romanian Orthodox monastery. It was built and dedicated by Prince Stephen the Great. The monastery houses the tombs of Stephen and several family members. Construction began in 1466. Thanks to Anca.

The postcard is a photograph from Romanian artist Marius Vasiliu. [Here are some of his albums in Flickr]

Putna Monastery, Romania

Putna Monastery, Romania [rev]

Imperial Castle, Poznań

The Imperial Castle in Poznań, popularly called Zamek, was constructed in 1910 for William II, German Emperor. Since its completion, the building has housed government offices of Germany and Poland (as of 1945). The castle was built in Neo-Romanesque style. Thanks to Kasia.

Imperial Castle, Poznań

Imperial Castle, Poznań [rev]