Romanian palaces

In clockwise position: 1. The Huniad Castle. 2. Peles Castle. 3. The Palace of Culture. 4. The Brâncoveanu Palace. Thanks to Anca.

Views from Romania

Views from Romania [rev]


Putna Monastery, Romania

The Putna Monastery is a Romanian Orthodox monastery. It was built and dedicated by Prince Stephen the Great. The monastery houses the tombs of Stephen and several family members. Construction began in 1466. Thanks to Anca.

The postcard is a photograph from Romanian artist Marius Vasiliu. [Here are some of his albums in Flickr]

Putna Monastery, Romania

Putna Monastery, Romania [rev]

Roman Catholic Cathedral in Satu Mare, Romania

Roman Catholic Cathedral in Satu Mare, Romania

The Calvaria Church is a Roman Catholic building in Satu Mare, Romania, it is one of the oldest churches in the city. It was originally built in 1844, and stands in place of an old fortress. Its original walls broke and it 1908 it was rebuilt. It has a height of 42 meters. Satu Mare has a population of about 95 000 and is located in the northwestern part of the country, close to the border with Hungary. Many thanks to Dan, you can visit his blog here.

Roman Catholic Cathedral in Satu Mare, Romania